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Cross Chain NFT Marketplace for Gamers
Closed beta is live
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As the world of Game-fi continues to emerge as a way for Gamers to engage with their favorite games and earn income, there needs to be a platform to help them manage their digital assets (NFTs).


We’ve proven that listening to our community of NFT enthusiasts is the best way to build a great product - a user-centric NFT platform that users love.

Gaming NFTs are expected to grow rapidly and we expect this to be a critical feature in our strategy. Going forward, our vision is to revolutionize the marketplace for gaming collectables and engage the Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem by unlocking the value from cross-chain gaming and DeFi opportunities from owning Gaming collectables.

In May, NFTb Market was launched and prioritized features for digital art enthusiasts.

In early 2022, NFTb will use our proven user-centric approach to launch NFTb Gaming, a NFT Gaming focused NFT Marketplace created to empower gamers to trade their NFTs on a marketplace where their collection is valued.

Key Benefits

Gaming Publishers / Projects

  • Comprehensive cross-chain marketplace for Gaming NFTs
  • Access to players and collectors
  • Access to talented handpicked designers
  • Raise Liquidity for in-game collectables
  • Advertising
  • Cross-community engagement
  • On-chain development feedback mechanism


  • Deep cross-game liquidity access for gaming collectables
  • Earn by playing, trading and renting
  • Be rewarded for completing achievements
  • Accurate valuation of earned assets
  • Show off your hard earned collectables
  • Participate in game developments
Features of NFTb Gaming

How it works

NFTb Gaming aims to implement NFTb’s design philosophy and technology stack for gamers. This includes introducing more powerful social and marketplace features that gamers expect. We will also be redesigning the UI to ensure that features that are needed for gaming users are easily accessible.


NFTb Gaming is scheduled to launch in H2 of 2022. The platform will feature all the features found in NFTb Market with more advanced social and marketplace features for gamers.

H2 2022

  • NFT Collectable trade
  • On chain analytics for items
  • NFTb Gaming Launch
  • Custom-Filters
  • Achievements
  • Social Gaming Marketplace

H1 2023

  • NFT Collectable rental
  • Direct in-game store API integration
  • Player crafted Collectable Trade – Players to craft/design in-game collectibles/items and list for trade on NFTb
  • NFTb Avatars - NFT avatars designed or sold by selected NFTb designers which can be carried into the games and used/displayed
  • Developer and Player On-chain Forum
  • Partner Marketplace Integrations

Your exclusive access to passively earn rare NFT Drops (NFTb Launch)

Holders of the NFTB token will have exclusive access to Initial NFT Launches (INOs) held through NFTb Launch.

Users who hold more $NFTB will have access to higher tiers of the INOs. For projects that choose to use the lottery model for their INO, this is an unique opportunity for eligible NFTB holders to score a rare NFT.


Taking Game-Fi Cross-Chain

Cross-chain unlocks the value from the interconnection between blockchain networks by allowing the exchange of information and value.

NFTb will be building a gaming platform to empower gamers to manage their gaming assets in a cross-chain world.

Industry Engagement

NFTb has formed key partnerships with the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Metaverse Alliance and Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance to contribute to developing the blockchain gaming industry and shaping the future of gaming.

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