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Lot Trade (LOTT)

LOTTRADE (LOTT) platform represents gamification and popularization of crypto trading through regular tournaments, battles and challenges with the goal of being the best trader in the world. Customize tournaments and Win Big Prize Pools. Betting for gamblers. NFTs as winners’ reward and authorization ...

Pool information
Swap Rate1 LOTT = 0.15 BUSD
Sale Start TimeNovember 24th, 2021,
12:00 UTC
Sale End TimeNovember 24th, 2021,
14:00 UTC
TGENovember 25th, 2021,
11:00 UTC
Token Distribution33% unlock at TGE
67% are vested for 120 days
Total raise100,000 BUSD
Initial Market Cap$261,000
Initial Token Circulation1,195,000 / 100,000,000
Token information
Token SymbolLOTT
Total Supply100,000,000 LOTT
Token address0xf81628edeb110a73c016ab7afa57d80afae07f59
NFTbStaked NFTB: 0

Max staking amount per wallet: 200,000 NFTB

Withdrawal timeout 7 days

  • APY
    10% APY
  • APY
    0 NFTB Your balance


LOTT is a BEP-20 utility and governance token limited to 100 million units. Purpose of the token is to manage and govern the platform, reward users and encourage their activity.

LOTT are used for:

  • “Governance” and “Staking”
  • An operational management and platform development
  • Member/Pro/Expert/Partner membership which gives them an access to additional WLOCT functionality and privileges
  • An access to the higher level tournaments, including those a player is not qualified for or does not have the appropriate game NFT
  • “Lending” -LOTT tokens with a BUSD commission fee being paid to players for “staking” LOTTs to access the higher level tournaments
  • Users’ commission payment for NFT tournament tokens (TNFT) minting based on the results of tournaments in which they participated


  • Q2 2021

    • Rating and tournament mechanism, UI and exchangers` API integration have been developed and tested in MVP trial stage
    • Our business model has been successfully tested. UI and UX feedback has been received from the traders, and accounted in the further development
  • June-July, 2021

    • Private Round has been successfully closed
    • Decentralized two blockchain (DeFi) architecture and DAO Tokenomics have been finalized and reviewed by experts
  • Q3 2021

    • Release of platform beta-version
    • Promotion and optimization
    • Increase of active audience and expansion of partnership base
    • Technical development and total migration to DeFi architecture is going as planned to be finished in 2021
  • Sep-Oct, 2021

    • Limited Marketing Incentive Reward and Sharing Program launch
    • Ambassador Round A and Institutional Round B Pre-sale
  • Q4 2021

    • Full migration to DeFi tournaments mechanism
    • Launch of the tournament marketplace
    • CEX/DEX collaborations promo
    • Multilingualism
  • Nov 2021

    • Limited launchpads` public token sale
    • LOTT free floating
    • Commercial platform launch
  • Q1+ 2022

    • Further platform functionality development
    • Introduction of the protocol for following the best traders’ deals
    • PAMM-system for collecting investments and trust management
    • LOTT Lending Protocol introduction

Regular tournaments

Calendar tournaments

daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal/annual official WLOCT tournaments which are held regularly and don’t have any limitation to take part in.

Master’s tournaments

WLOCT sponsored tournaments, which rules and terms are agreed with the sponsors of such tournaments.

Private tournaments

limited-access tournaments which are organized independently by WLOCT partners, determining their terms, rules and participants.

DeFi WLOCT architecture

All time players’ assets control via BSC non-custodial wallets and tournament smart contracts;

Tournaments` smart contracts with programmed and transparent logic of games, distribution of prize pools and rating points;

Unified transparent and automated rating logic;

Decentralized mechanism of tokenization, commission distribution and LOTT liquidity supply;

DAO-mechanism for protocol management and project development.


Leonid Litvinenko
Leonid Litvinenko
Vitalii Korshunov
Vitalii Korshunov
Anastasia M-Lorentzen
Anastasia M-Lorentzen
Alex Demchenko
Alex Demchenko
Oleksii Chepelyk
Oleksii Chepelyk