NFTB: $0.31
Contract Address: 0xde3db...045c71a
  • IDO
  • October 26, 2021
  • 12:00 UTC

Art Wallet

ArtWallet provides the ultimate solution for storing and owning NFTs with the simple gateway to the most reputable NFT marketplaces. Buy, Store, and Own Exclusive NFT Items in a few clicks. This is ArtWallet: Digital Art, Real Estate, Collectibles, Virtual Gaming Items, and other sectoral...

APY 10%
Tier - 1
20 000 NFTB
Tier - 2
37 500 NFTB
Tier - 3
50 000 NFTB

Upcoming projects

  • INO
  • Date: TBA


Welcome to the light gaming platform based on Binance Smart Chain.

  • INO
  • Date: TBA

Drunk Robots

The city is now dead… But only for the people… Only robots left…

  • INO
  • Date: TBA

Infinity Skies

Build, trade, adventure and socialize in this groundbreaking play-to-earn Crypto Sandbox Game.

  • INO
  • Date: TBA

Wanaka Farm

Players are randomly assigned when starting the game, players can renovate, decorate and exchange with others

  • INO
  • Date: TBA


The Metaverse Galaxy | The Journey | The War

  • INO
  • Date: TBA

Weapon Master

Weapon Master is a boutique NFT trading card game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The various elements in the game including brushing instance zones (mining), DeFi, a random drop of NFT cards, mystery boxes, NFT marketplace, and NFT integration, teaming to instance zones, etc., enables the game to become extremely strong lasting appeal...

  • INO
  • Date: TBA

Gem Guardian

A fantasy NFT style play to earn card game where fantasy meets reality game play

  • INO
  • Date: TBA

Cyber City

Survive, Fight, and Triumph in the dystopian world of Cyber City

  • INO
  • Date: TBA

The Three Kingdoms

The First Play2Earn Metaverse and NFT Project Based on the Ancient Chinese Classic “The Three Kingdoms”.

  • INO
  • Date: TBA

The Monopolist

In The Monopolist, the players will build their own tactics through rolling dice, investing in buying land, building properties, collecting accommodation fees, and so on, to win the others by various ways. When you become the winner of any battles, you will earn $MONO and $MOB token, especially have chances to receive new characters, materials or items, which you can bring to NFT market for more earnings.

Previous projects

  • Completed
  • Total NFTs: 20

Delta City

Delta City joins the NFTb Launchpad with a series of 20 very limited NFTs on first come first serve basis before the game's release very early 2022.


What benefits will I receive from being in each tier?

Each INO will be unique and offer different kinds of valuable in-game NFTs. All the NFTs offered on NFTb the launchpad are rare compared to what will be available in other marketplaces.

We will release a blog post for each launch to detail the NFTs that are available for each launch.

How do I participate in INO launches?

By staking in NFTb’s Tier System, during a launch project’s INO period. Users will be automatically whitelisted into the sale.

Which launch models does NFTb Launch use?

There are two models that a NFT or project can be launched on NFTb Launch:

  • First Come First Serve (FCFS): Only the earliest users with the required amount of tier access who register to be whitelisted for the INO can participate.
  • Lottery System: All users that have the required amount of tier access can register to be whitelisted to participate. If there are more users than NFTs or spots available, participation will be allocated via a lottery.

What is the 7 day withdrawal period?

Users can choose to unstake at any time. However, you will need to wait 7 days before you can redeem staked tokens after submitting an unstaking request.

If my staked amount grows due to rewards from staking will my tier be automatically updated?


Does NFTb Launch launch project tokens?

Yes. We will offer token launches in the future. Launches are also available where NFTs and Projects tokens can be purchased.

Can I unstake only a portion of my staked tokens?