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How does the Community Vote work?

  • Notifying Voters: when a new proposal is raised, NFTb.io will make an announcement via email and socials to notify eligible voters.
  • Voting: Everyone can vote on Governance pagehaving voting power at different sizes based on the membership levels shown below
  • Result: Based on the majority of the community votes, the proposal will be executed or not as per the highest voted option. The NFTb community has the power to choose which proposals are to be put in place.


How to vote on Proposals?

Everyone can vote on the proposals. However, number of votes are allocated based on the NFTb membership level which can be obtained on NFTb Launchpad and NFTb Earn

MembershipDescription$NFTB Lock-upVotes
BasicNo lock-up required, public vote01
BronzeBronze member on NFTb launchpad20,0005
SilverSilver member on NFTb launchpad37,50010
GoldGold member on NFTb launchpad50,00015
PlatinumPlatinum member on NFTb launchpad100,00020
Earn StakerMembers who stake $NFTB on NFTb Earn150,00025
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