NFTB: $0.5
Contract Address: 0xde3db...045c71a


3D animator. NFT artist. Our team decided that by the end of the year all our works will be sold at 0.15 BNB. Then prices will increase several times. Hurry up to buy those works that you wanted to buy!

"Degen Monkeys" is my personal experiment project. The goal is to create high quality NFT 3D Avatars with low price and low fees on Binance Smart Chain. 🐒 3D Artist - Blockchain Believer

⌁ Immediate goal. Website for the new Universe. 100 SKULLS and new OVERLORDS — unique linked NFT collections. An experimental system of upgrading one collection to another opens up the possibility of a seamless transformation into a new metaverse. I am a digital artist who specializes in creating epic artworks based on events from parallel universes. Since 2015 co-founder and art director at Nord Unit. Project Hyperforma, Scale and unannounced titles.

Let's reveal the invisible

I'm interested in expressing art through a variety of media. I like to do Abstract Art, 3D creations and Graphic Design in general. Thanks to everyone. The best is yet to come!

short bio. Geisha NFT Project →

Baby-Yoda Collection

Soy argentino y me sensaciona el arte en todas sus posibilidades. Lo único que tienes que saber de mi es que "Si puedes soñarlo, puedes hacerlo"

DIGITAL ARTIST | Turning cryptocurrency into a surreal art collection. Collect your Crypto Egg Now!