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"Degen Monkeys" is my personal experiment project. The goal is to create high quality NFT 3D Avatars with low price and low fees on Binance Smart Chain. 3D Artist - Blockchain Believer

Digital artist who specialises in creating epic artworks based on events from parallel universes. Art director at Nord Unit. Project Hyperforma, Scale and unannounced titles.

DIGITAL ARTIST | Turning cryptocurrency into a surreal art collection. Collect your Crypto Egg Now!

Let's reveal the invisible

Fantastic creatures 60 / 100 | Available for bidding on NFTb exclusively, get yours! | Special customizations also available upon request.

Soy argentino y me sensaciona el arte en todas sus posibilidades. Lo único que tienes que saber de mi es que "Si puedes soñarlo, puedes hacerlo"

Film production designer/2D Digital Painter/ Visual researcher/ Creator of neo-psychodelic art/ Based in Ukraine/

freelance illustrator , based in Istanbul , obsessed with nature , history , women ... my works contains ; little sadness and melancholy but lots of cheerness and happiness ...