The Japanese Collection

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    The Japanese Collection is a modern creative work inspired by classical Japanese culture and art. This collection includes unique NFTs, each of which conveys the atmosphere and traditions of Japan in various manifestations - from blooming cherry blossoms to mythology and legends. Each digital artwork is created using modern technology to convey the beauty, wisdom, and power of Japanese culture in a unique style. By collecting "The Japanese Collection", you have the opportunity to become the owner of digital works of art that will remain with you forever and become a decoration of your collection.

    ⟡ Japanese characters ⟡ Blooming Sakura ⟡ Samurais and Ninjas ⟡ Shikimori and Kabuki ⟡ Japanese Gardens ⟡ Japanese Cities ⟡ Cyberpunk Japan ⟡ Japanese Cuisine ⟡ Cult Japanese Animations ⟡ Japanese Spirits and Myths ⟡ Japanese Architecture ⟡ Japanese Musical Instruments ⟡ Japanese Heroes ⟡ Japanese Costumes ⟡

    Each section will have up to 24 NFTs.
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