The China Collection

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    The China Collection is a collection of NFTs inspired by the traditions and culture of China. The works in the collection represent an interesting combination of traditional and contemporary elements, reflecting the history, philosophy, and beauty of China.
    ⟡ Chinese characters ⟡ Traditional Chinese costumes ⟡ Ancient Chinese dragons ⟡ Cities of China ⟡ Chinese tea ceremonies ⟡ Chinese lotuses ⟡ Chinese calligraphy ⟡ Chinese flying lanterns ⟡ Chinese fireworks ⟡ Nature of China: mountains, rivers, lakes ⟡ Chinese rock gardens ⟡ Chinese architecture: palaces, temples, towers ⟡ Chinese flowers: peonies, magnolias, chrysanthemums ⟡ Traditional Chinese masks ⟡ Chinese martial arts: Kung Fu, Tai Chi ⟡

    Each section will have up to 24 NFTs.
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