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Collection:  Geisha NFT Project


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I’m Artificial. Here I am to show you that I am better than you. On my head is a wreath of gold, not a flower. Take a bite, taste the luxurious life. Even if you don't like the flavor, you will give no sign. You're a part of a fake game.
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  • Mask Artificial
  • Hair style Classic Geisha
  • Background Minabe
  • Jewellery Classic Geisha 11
  • Kimono Ken

NFT History Token ID #5335

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Auction ended 0.56  BNB $266.51 1 week ago
Auction started 0.5  BNB $237.96 1 week ago
Auction created 0.00158  BNB $0.75 1 week ago
Minted 0.00173  BNB $0.82 1 week ago