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Gargantua Express View

Art Video Minted on 22.52 MB Bitarea with resolution 1080 x 1080, 30 seconds. Shapes, Colours, Music Created By DaDa Agha
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Auction ended 0.233846052  BNB $144.8 1 month ago
Auction started 0.12  BNB $74.3 2 months ago
Auction created 0.00157  BNB $0.97 2 months ago
Minted 0.00151  BNB $0.93 2 months ago


DaDa HoQQaBaz Agha

DaDa HoQQaBaz Agha

I gain high level of productivity with the help of 7 different premium art-related programs which I use for artistic purposes.I am as professional artist interested in increasing the earnings of collectors and contribute to widening NFT Collector Community scale.