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Where NFTs meets DeFi

The complete multi-chain NFT and
DeFi platform for communities

Where NFTs meets DeFi

Our mission is to create a platform for creators to access opportunities in DeFi with the best user experience for anyone, anywhere.

NFTb Market — A Premium NFT marketplace where creators can access buyers from anywhere around the world and on multi-chains.

NFTb Launch — A first of its kind NFT Launchpad created to help projects and creators launch their NFTs on Binance Smart Chain in a way that is fair for all

NFTb Earn — A DeFi platform giving users access to yield farming opportunities plus an AMM to become a liquidity provider in a variety of DeFi farms.

Key Features

High quality unique art, minted on BSC and stored in IPFS

NFTb is a curated marketplace that allows unique digital artwork to be traded and collected. We verify all artists. All files are stored on IPFS and minted via BSC.

Built for speed and performance

Trade and collect NFTs quickly and at a fraction of the cost with the BSC.

Show your support

NFTb is the first NFT platform to allow creators to donate proceeds to a list of well know charities including: GiveWell and Binance Charity

Reduce the environmental impact of your work

We are conscious of the environmental impact caused by minting NFTs. By building on the BSC, we are able to take advantage of BSC’s consensus mechanism, which is designed to be more environmentally friendly,

Creator’s royalty, royalty and income splits

NFTb offers advanced royalty splits and income agreements for future resale revenue.

Secondary market

Leverage NFTb to list your NFT on other BSC compatible NFT marketplaces. API coming soon.

Backed by

Why NFTb?

  • Multi-chain support
  • Cost
  • Energy consumed to mint NFT
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Multi-language Support
  • Direct Charity Integration
  • Coming Soon
  • < $0.60
  • 200kWh*
  • $50-300
  • 332kWh*
  • $50-300
  • 332kWh*
  • $50-300
  • 332kWh*
Nifty Gateway
  • $50-300
  • 332kWh*


H1 2021

  • MVP, seed round and private token sale
  • Initial two sided marketplace for creators and collectors
  • Verification system for creators
  • $NFTB token
  • Creators catalog
  • Trust Wallet integration
  • Split income with charities
  • Creators and Collectors leaderboard
  • Token public sale & DEX listing
  • Auctions
  • Security audits
  • Token airdrop for early users
  • Multi-language support
  • Search Function
  • Token Burn

H2 2021

  • Bug Bounty
  • Listing on
  • NFTb Earn - Phase 1 / Single Asset Staking
  • NFTb Earn - Phase 2 / Linear Single Asset Staking
  • Marketing campaign
  • DeFi instruments
  • NFT Collections
  • NFT Properties
  • Collaboration Feature
  • BEP-1155 Support (multiple editions)
  • Tiered Staking
  • Launchpad Model (FCFS)
  • NFTb Earn - Phase 3 / Dynamic Staking Pools
  • Initial NFT Offering
  • 2nd CEX Listing
  • Integration with the global Binance NFT marketplace
  • $NFTB token integration as a payment option
  • Cross-chain
  • NFTb Gaming Platform
  • Creators and Collectors achievements
  • $BAO token and Exclusive drops
  • DAO curated platform
  • Fiat payments integration
  • Launchpad Model (Lottery)
  • Buyback Program
  • Social Engagement Features
  • Content Personalization Engine
  • ARTWALLET Integration
  • Activity Feed

$NFTB token

NFTb is built to reward creators and platform users. The $NFTB token is designed to reward all network participants.

How to earn

  • Incentivizing both: creators and collectors on the platform interactions
  • Early-adopters will be rewarded with airdrops based on usage
  • Earn $NFTB by unlocking achievements on the platform
  • Staking and Liquidity Mining Rewards


  • Platform fee discounts
  • Governance
  • Platform services (advertising and promotions)
  • Staking and Liquidity Mining
  • Integrations with BSC based platforms on accepting $NFTB as a payment token
  • Native token for NFTB Launchpad


Strategic Contributors
20.5% / 205Mln
25% initial, 25% every 3 months
12.0% / 120Mln
Locked for 1 year, then 25% unlocked every 3 months
12.5% / 125Mln
Locked for 1 year, then 25% unlocked every 3 months
Protocol rewards
45.0% / 450Mln
Released over 7 years
IDO sale and liquidity mining
10.0% / 100Mln
100% unlocked on IDO - $100k ea
Total supply: 100% / 1Bln

You can trade $NFTB on:

Contract Address 0xde3dbbe30cfa9f437b293294d1fd64b26045c71a

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