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Collection:  Geisha NFT Project


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I’m Catcher. And I know how you feel. I really do! For I am a catcher of cards, and you're here looking for a new geisha. Yes, yes, we are made of the same cloth. Now you may have me as a reminder of the rewards that come from perseverance and patience — Catch me if you can!
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  • Mask Catcher
  • Hair style Short
  • Background Nishinoomote
  • Jewellery Short 5
  • Kimono Ryu

NFT History Token ID #5613

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Auction ended 4  BNB $1911.12 1 week ago
Auction started 0.5  BNB $238.89 1 week ago
Auction created 0.00158  BNB $0.75 1 week ago
Minted 0.00173  BNB $0.83 1 week ago