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Mugshot Maniac No.95
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Collection:  Mugshot Maniacs

Mugshot Maniac No.95

“To Ocean’s Rage.”

A collection of smirking maniacs planning to take over the world.

Some say that collecting a full squad consisting of a sergeant, two corporals and five maniacs summons an exclusive rogue maniac.
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Mugshot Maniac No.95

NFT History Token ID #10009

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Auction ended 0.2  BNB $88.56 1 week ago
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Auction created 0.00179  BNB $0.79 1 month ago
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DefoQ | TMM

DefoQ | TMM

The Maniac Mansion Season 1: Mugshot Maniacs. Mugshots of 100 Maniac Privates, 4 Maniac Corporals, 2 Maniac Sergeants, 5 Maniac Exclusives, and 2 Maniac Specials. They have been brought in for various reasons. Soon to be combined with a brand new, huge collection that will include benefits for Mugshot Maniac owners! Season 2: TBA